Our Materials

Construction Material

Distributor of building materials. Construction material, iron gates and windows, glass and aluminum, fiberglass, paint and distemper, marble and ceramic tiles, wooden and glass doors, shuttering clumps and sheets, plumbing and electrical supplies are available. Roof repair products, hand or power tools, heating and cooling equipment are also offered. 

Building Materials

The materials used for structural works including cement, concrete, sand, soil, wall panels, sanitary, bricks and steel.

Paints & Distempers

By having regular deliveries direct from Paints factories, we can ensure a versatile product range and prices which are constantly low.

Glass & Aluminum

DSS offers you ready-to-install glass and aluminum products, meeting the highest quality and at competitive prices.

Marble & Tiles

Our products are the result of our commitment to high quality standards and ongoing technological innovation.

Our Specialization

With over forty years working in the industry, we combine experience and next-generation technology to ensure the highest qualitative standards for your project, no matter how big or small.

Doors & Windows

We supply well designed, expertly constructed and beautifully finished door and windows from our manufacturers.


We are proud to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of fiberglass products.

Plumbing & Electrical Supplies

We supply the best quality plumbing and electrical supplies at competitive prices. Fast Delivery.

Roof Repair Products

A short description of this quality. Make these lines enticing enough to prove that you are the best in all you do.

Heating & Cooling Equipment

Heat pumps and chillers are suitable for a wide variety of cooling and/or heating applications in large commercial and industrial concern.

Lighting & Lamps

Professional consulting and light planning service for your project - residential houses, apartments, offices, restaurants, retail stores, industries, etc.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

In every project we undertake, we are committed to providing professional expertise, exceptional quality service, flawless construction.